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Aug 2009

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado - coordinates:
Trailhead - N38 33' 45.3" W107 44' 28.2"
Canyon (bottom) - N38 34' 29.6" W10745' 10.9"

Maps: BCG


Directions from Denver, Colorado: take US-285 South for about 125 miles
turn right at US-50 and head West
past Lujane, CO take US-347 North for about 13 miles - you're in the park

Day 1.
It takes about 5 hrs to drive to the park from Denver. We didn't get there until about 12 o'clock noon. And the hike wasn't that long, maybe 6 or 7 miles tops. But, because most of the trip you end up walking on a side of the mountain, it just takes a little longer. Also, there is no maintained trail which just adds to the excitement.

Day 2.
There is really not that much to walk around down in the inner canyon. You can probably go 2 miles upstream and 1 mile downstream. But the views are truly breathtaking.

Day 3.
Vicious bastards, squirrels, broke into the tent for some food. I've been hunting their cousins ever since. Oh, on the way up it is really easy to lose the trail (no maintained trails - see comment above). And GPS will not help you as you get no coverage in a canyon. Just keep on marching up.